Ambrogio Pagani has a long tradition in the processing of oils and fats. The company started its activities in 1948 with the production of gelatin and bone glu, then, in the 70s, it specialized towards the production of fatty acids, and today it’s a chemical industry that produces stearic acid and glycerine, from both animal fats and vegetable oils.
In 1990, Ambrogio Pagani S.p.A. set up a joint venture with Faci S.p.A. of Genova and Reagens S.p.A. of Bologna.
The company has always been careful in promoting sustainable development in the protection of people and the environment. The raw materials, renewable and biodegradable, are fats of animal origin, obtained from the rendering of slaughterhouse waste, and vegetable oils (not intended for human consumption), both of Italian and European production, such as soybean or sunflower oil, both from the Far East like palm oil.
The manufacturing processes make it possible to enhance these raw materials by transforming them into biodegradable chemicals, not classified as dangerous for the environment or human health and exempted from registration. The products are used in several sectors: from the plastics industry to that of lubricants, from the paper industry to that of paints, detergents and animal feed.
According to its management systems, Ambrogio Pagani Spa aims to produce high quality products reducing its environmental impact in agreement with european regulation and italian national laws.




Ambrogio Pagani SpA has been producing FATTY ACIDS and GLYCERINE since 1970. At the beginning, raw materials were animal fats. Since 2000, in order to meet the demand of the market, it started a process of diversification which led to an enlargement of the plants so that we may offer final product of animal or vegetable origin, both saturated as well as unsaturaded.




Ambrogio Pagani S.p.a. obtained the first certification of its Quality Management System in 2000.Nowdays Ambrogio Pagani Spa is certified by SQS according to ISO 9001:2015.


Ambrogio Pagani Spa implemented a management system accordino to ISO14001 in 2006 in order to guarantee the respect of laws and to reduce environmental impact.Nowdays Ambrogio Pagani Spa is certified by SQS according to ISO 14001:2015.


In 2022 the company was certified ISO 45001. Compliance with this international standard ensures compliance with the requirements for the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and allows the company to assess and control the risks of its activities in the workplace, in normal and extraordinary operating situations.

FAMI-QS is a preeminent quality and feed safety management system, it is the worldwide leading accredited scheme for the feed industry contributing to safe food. It gives assurance to governments, supply chains and consumers that organisations providing FAMI-QS certification have the required competence and impartiality to do so. The FAMI-QS Certification Scheme addresses safety, quality and address the challenging topics of integrity (fraud), defence and regulatory compliance.AMBROGIO PAGANI SPA IS CERTIFIED FAMI-QS by SQS

RSPO Certification

As vegetable origin product are obtained from palmoil, sustainability and responsible use of natural resources have a high significance. So AMBROGIO PAGANI SPA became an official member of RSPO. The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), founded in 2004, is a global, multi-stakeholder initiative on sustainable palm oil.Different certification systems for companies from the palm oil supply chain were developed,

AMBROGIO PAGANI SPA achieved RSPO certification in accordance with Mass balance SCCS.

For additional information regarding RSPO please visit the website



As required to manufacurers of substances for pharmaceutical of animal origin, Ambrogio Pagani applied for a certificate concerning the evaluation of reduction of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE) risk. The certificate of suitability has been granted by EDQM to Pagani products:

Stearic Acid (renewal of 02/2006)Glycerol (renewal of 07/2006)

REGULATION 1069/2009

In conformity to regulation 1069/2009/CEE the plant has been approved by the coompetent veterinary authority as oleochemical plant of category 3 with an approval number ABP460OLCP3.

Ambrogio Pagani Spa. is registered as raw materials producer for animal feeding according to Regulation 183/2005

1069/2009 Authorization 183/2005 Authorization




In 1990 Ambrogio Pagani S.p.A. sets up a joint-venture with two important companies of the sector: Reagens S.p.A. and FACI S.p.A..

FACI S.p.A. has been in the chemical field for over 50 years: developing from the production of hydrogenated stearic acid in the post war period (1949) to the present range of non toxic metallic stearates.
Faci S.p.A.
Via Privata Devoto, 36 – 16042 Carasco – Genova (ITALIA)
Tel. (+39) 0185 3614-1 | Fax +39 0185 350.249

Reagens S.p.A is a company founded in the early 1950s, internationally recognised for the production of stabilisers for PVC and other thermoplastics.
Reagens S.p.A
via Codronchi 4, S. Giorgio di Piano (BO) – Italy
Tel. (+39) 051 6639111 | Fax +39 051 897561

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