AMBROGIO PAGANI SPA is attentive to the environmental impact and sustainability of its processes and products, attention that focuses on:

  • The raw materials used, animal fats and vegetable oils, are renewable and biodegradable:
    • Animal fats are mainly of Italian production and are obtained from the processing of slaughterhouse waste, which are then converted into chemical molecules of high value by the chemical processes applied in AMBROGIO PAGANI.
    • Vegetable oils are of European and tropical origin, as in the case of palm oil. Also in this case, the company is attentive to sustainability criteria and for this reason it joined the RSPO (Round Table of Sustainable Palm Oil) obtaining Mass Balance certification.
  • The products are not classified as dangerous for the environment or for human health and are exempted from REACH registration.
  • The production processes are optimized in order to minimize waste production and the consumption of water and energy resources.
  • The installed photovoltaic system allows the production of electricity from renewable sources.
  • About 90% of production waste is sent for recovery.
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