Feed Additives

The animal feed industry is heavily regulated, so additives used as feed materials have to meet special requirements according to EU Directive and must have an high degree of purity.

To meet the needs of the feed industry, Ambrogio Pagani has introduced special Feed Additives for animal nutrition which:

  • Are produced from vegetable raw materials
  • Are free from impurities such as dioxines, pesticides, heavy metals
  • Meet the requirements of feed industry and EU feed legislation
  • Are certified according to FAMI-QS Code of Practise that provides requirements for implementing measures necessary to ensure feed safety and quality of products.

Our Specialty Feed ingredients are:

  • STEARIC ACID V-40: Ingredients (binder)
  • HPO-FULLY HYDROGENATED: Technological Ingredients (coating and binding agent)
  • GLYCERINE: Nutritional ingredient

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