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Hydrogenated Fatty Acids

Ambrogio Pagani SpA has been producing Hydrogenated Fatty Acids since 1970. At the beginning, raw materials were animal fats. Since 2000, in order to meet the demand of the market, it installed a second line for the production of vegetable stearic acid. The experience gained over the years allows to produce substances with high purity and quality which find applications in several field: from pharmaceutical to cosmetics, from surfactants to textile auxiliaries, from plastic additives to metal working.

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Unsaturated and poly-unsuturaed Fatty Acids

Since 2010, Ambrogio Pagani Spa has been producing non-hydrogenated fatty acids (unsatrated and poly-unsaturated) obtained from soy oil, sun flower oil and animal fat. Even in this case, the high quality of the substances has been appreciated by the market in the several fields of application.

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Hydrogenated Triglicerides

Hydrogenated triglycerides are esters of long chain fatty acids (C14-C20) with glycerol. They appear as white waxy solid, not soluble in water. They result from the hydrogenation of fats and oils. We offer hydrogenated triglycerides both of animal as well as vegetable origin.

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Glycerine produced by Ambrogio Pagani Spa is characterized by an high level of purity and it is in compliance with European Pharmacopeia. Our plant owns the Certificate of Suitability issued by European Directorate for Qulity of Medicine.

Therefore our Glycerine  is suitable for every technical sector, but also for cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, animal feeding and in food contact application.

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